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2 Nanny Jobs currently posting in Pennsylvania.
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PA Nanny Jobs

2 Pennsylvania Nanny Job Openings as of Thursday, October 23rd 2014.

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Date Posted: 10/17/2014
New! Part-Time Nanny Position
Devon, PA 19333
ABC Nanny Source - Philadelphia

I have a wonderful positon to tell you all about right in Devon, PA! This family has one little boy who is 4 years old! He loves to play outside, arts & crafts, and dinosaurs! Mom says he is a funny guy, always cracking jokes! He goes to pre-school during the day and he loves it! He gets along well with his peers and teachers and is a model student. He has severe allergy to sesame and mustard, so the family has an epi-pen that nanny must carry at all times and be comfortable using in case of an emergency. Driving will be required for the position to pick the little boy up from school as well as after school activities. The family will ask that you are comfortable using your own vehicle and will provide gas reimbursement! The position will include picking the little boy up from school, having play dates, swimming lessons, library and park trips - super fun and easy! Household duties are limited to the child's laundry, occasionally making dinner and some family errands. The family is looking for someone responsible and trustworthy with the ability to be silly! The hours for the position are Monday from 1:00PM-6:30PM and Tuesday-Friday from 2:30PM-6:30PM. Mom and Dad would ask that you stay late one night week until 9:30PM for a Mom and Dad date night!

Employment Type: Part time
Salary: $13-$17/hour plus paid vacation, holidays and sick time!
Certification Required: CPR
Experience Required: Minimum 0-1 year
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Date Posted: 10/17/2014
New! Part-Time Nanny Needed
Doylestown, PA 18901
ABC Nanny Source - Philadelphia

This is a fantastic family and I absolutely adore the Mom! Mom works for a school, and she has two adorable children and needs an extension of herself! The parents have recently been separated and so she needs a long-term solution to help her juggle these two precious children! :-) The parents are very amendable and working together nicely in the best interests of the children so there isn't any animosity or stress that is involved on the part of the nanny. The oldest child is 9 years old and he is in the 3rd grade. The school is within walking distance to the home and is an eight minute walk and a two minute drive! He loves school and tends to be the sort of child who will sit down with a good book and read for hours! He also loves to draw and loves Legos and he loves his Kindle! He is less physically active than his younger sister and he tends to be a little bit of a picky eater! :-) He is looking forward to going in the 4th grade next year because he would like to start playing the trumpet, and I thought that was a pretty neat thing to know! The little girl is in kindergarten. She goes to the half-day program in the mornings and she wishes it was a full day program because she loves school! She is a very active child and loves sports; she has a bike and different kinds of electronic scooters, loves to swim, loves dance lessons and gymnastics! She is also very artsy and crafts and loves to be creative whenever possible. She has a great memory and loves to know what the plan has in store for her in advance; if you tell her that you plan to take her to the car wash, then go to the bank, then go to the store and then you forget a step; she will remind you that you forgot a step! :-) Isn't that funny? She also gets along very well with her big brother and she loves to eat everything and is not a picky eater at all! She loves to eat healthy food as well as junk food and thinks its all delicious! :-) Both of the children are very healthy and have no restrictions in their diet or medications! The schedule is fantastic; Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM and will consistently offer 25 hours per week; they will be providing a generous hourly rate of pay between $15-$17 per hour along with paid vacation and paid holidays! The Mom works in the school system so she is given more time off than the average parent and will be able to provide additional days off that are not industry-standard! Mom also said that if the nanny would like to have additional hours there is flexibility to provide full days whenever the children have off from school or have snow days or illness. She does not require that the nanny is available for these occasions but she does offer these hours as an option if the nanny would like to take them on! She is flexible on paying the nanny directly or offering to go through a payroll agency depending on the nanny's preference. There will be limited driving needed for this position and the family will provide the booster for the little girl on days where the nanny will need to pick her up from school because of inclement weather. The family also has two family dogs that are both extremely friendly; one is two years old and the other is eight years old! Both of the dogs tend to be in one part of the house throughout the day and only need to be let out in the backyard to do their business one to two times per day. The little girl loves to take the dogs out herself and is very good with them so all you would need to do is supervise her doing that to be sure that shes letting them back in and they don't get left out. As I mentioned the dogs are both very friendly, even overly friendly at times when they get excited, so a pet friendly nanny would be great! Otherwise, there are no additional household responsibilities being requested on the nanny such as laundry, cooking, overnights, travel etc. The position is very focused on the children and is a dream job! Because Mom is in the school system for her profession it is likely that at the end of the school year when the little girl finishes kindergarten that they will no longer have a need for a nanny so I would expect that this position will end sometime around June 2015. That tends to be an excellent time of year however, to secure a new position. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss the details!

Employment Type: Part time
Salary: $15-$17 per hour along with paid vacation and paid holidays!
Certification Required: CPR
Experience Required: Minimum 0-1 year
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