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PA Nanny Jobs

1 Pennsylvania Nanny Job Openings as of Thursday, September 1st 2016.

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Date Posted: 08/31/2016
New! Phenomenal Nanny Position
Newtown, PA 15089
ABC Nanny Source - Philadelphia

The family consists of three adorable boys all under the age of five!

The oldest boy just turned four this past May. He is generally outgoing and loves to impress! He is very independent and proud of his accomplishments (and isn’t too humble to let you know about them!) He loves being a big brother and loves to play with the twins. He is a very family-oriented child and loves when everyone is together. Both he and his little brothers love playing outside! He has no allergies, food restrictions, or medications.

The twins will be two-years-old this November. They do have some developmental delays and Mom has enrolled them in early intervention. shys away from interaction and is verbally delayed. He also has some sensory issues. Though he is more prone to frustration, it is because he is an active boy who wants things done his own way. He’s an independent spirit and he loves to walk in circles! The other twin is a bit more verbal, mostly baby babble. He’s a bit more focused than his twin and is definitely a laid-back little guy. Despite the fact that they’re twins, they are complete opposites! Both boys love bubbles, singing songs, going on walks, and playing with blocks. All three boys are very physical and love to climb, run, and chase each other around!

Mom is looking for a Nanny who is energetic, active, creative, and caring. She wants someone who wants to play with the boys, is willing to go on family outings, is able to introduce new and interesting activities, and is engaged in the children’s development. Basically, they want someone who is willing to become part of their family! Mom provides a family vehicle for the Nanny’s use during work hours. The family has a weekly housekeeper for deep cleaning but Mom needs help with cleaning up after the boys, light cooking, laundry, etc. Both sets of grandparents are very involved and their week-day Nanny has truly become a member of their family.

The schedule for this position is Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Mom is offering a generous hourly rate of $15-$20/hr. She is looking for a Nanny sooner rather than later.

Employment Type: Part time
Salary: $15-$20/hour
License Required: Valid Driver's License
Certification Required: CPR
Experience Required: Minimum 3-5 years
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Date Posted: 07/10/2016
New! Fantastic Nanny Position
Ambler, PA 19002
ABC Nanny Source - Philadelphia

This wonderful family has three children. The oldest child is 5 years old and he’s starting full day kindergarten in the fall! He also goes to a summer camp that is a ˝ mile away. He’s the shy one in the family but is also the smart one. He’s a little over the 50% percentile for his height and once he warms up to you, he’ll show his “big brother” side! He definitely enjoys being the oldest and guiding his younger brothers in the right direction. He has no allergies, no food restrictions, and no medications.

His little brother is 3 years old and he goes to a summer camp that is 2 miles from the house. He’s a very carefree little boy and has recently started potty-training! He’s about 4 weeks in with no diapers. He and his older brother enjoy outdoor activities over any other, so someone who is active would be great! He has no allergies, no food restrictions, and no medications.

The baby is 8 months old and he’s just enjoying being the baby! He’s definitely a Mama’s boy but he transitions to other people very quickly. Mom is still breastfeeding him and he is growing well. He is a very calm baby as well and is pretty easygoing. He is very healthy and so far has no known allergies to any foods or medications.

The daily responsibilities are as follows: both during and after the summer is over, the nanny would have the baby all day. In the summer they would pick up the older two boys at camp around 1:00pm. They would need lunch and then would play outside for most of the day. In September the middle child would be picked up from nursery school at 12:00pm, and the nanny would feed him lunch and play with him for the rest of the day. The oldest child would get off the bus in front of the house around 4:20pm and from there the nanny would just spend time with all the children. They have a housekeeper that comes every 10 days to do the heavy cleaning so only light cleaning pertaining to the children, as well as the children’s laundry, will be required. Mom and Dad are seeking someone who is kind, caring, and firm when needed.

The schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30am to 6:00pm. What I love about this position is that you in essence get a 4 day weekend! Mom is home on Mondays and Grandma helps on Fridays so this is an amazing schedule! The nanny will basically getting off work the two days of the week that nobody wants to work. They are offering an hourly rate of $15-$17 per hour based on experience, and plan to pay the nanny directly.

Employment Type: Part time
Salary: $15-$17 per hour
License Required: Valid Driver's License
Certification Required: CPR
Experience Required: Minimum 3-5 years
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