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MD Nanny Jobs

1 Maryland Nanny Job Openings as of Saturday, February 28th 2015.

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Date Posted: 02/28/2015
New! Nanny Position with Great Schedule
Annapolis, MD 21401
ABC Nanny Source - Philadelphia

This family has three fantastic children! The oldest boy in the family is in 7th grade and he is a fairly shy boy so it takes them a little while to open up. Mom says his iPhone is his most valued possession. He does tend to be addicted to it at times. He is relatively self-driven with his homework and does it independently. All that needs to be done is just to have a quick look over to make sure that everything has been completed. The one thing that he does regularly is he is a diver! He goes to the pool four days a week and he is very busy with his diving lessons; the nanny will need to be comfortable taking him to and from lessons at least twice a week.

Their younger son enjoys chicken and steak on rare occasions. All of the children are extremely healthy, have no food restrictions, no allergies and no medications! He is in the 6th grade. He is very, very outgoing and very talkative and extremely into all kinds of sports! He is the typical middle child and he is not as independent with his homework as you will find with the older son. He appreciates someone looking over his shoulder and making sure that he gets everything he needs to have done organized for the next day. He is very smart and a straight A student and all he needs assistance with is making sure that he does not get distracted with his own energy level! He plays hockey and lacrosse year-round and loves to talk about sports 24/7! The youngest little guy in the family is 8 years old and he is in the 2nd grade; he is a pretty outgoing and confident and is used to being the youngest little guy. He does not get his feathers ruffled easily and is relatively independent for his age. He is also very bright just like his older brother. He is also not very sporty like his older brother. He is on the quiet side his favorite thing to do is sit with his Lego guys and have battles and wars with them! He also loves to read and he likes quieter activities. He is not the one in the family that will push you to do physically active things but is comfortable just sitting on a chair cuddling with the nice book! The schedule for this position allows some flexibility for the nanny; Mom describes the core hours as 2:30p.m. to 7:00PM Monday through Friday and yet this is a full-time position that will average full-time hours. Mom says that she is comfortable with the nanny working two long days and then three shorter days or working the same schedule of 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday instead; itís completely up to the nanny as long as everything that needs to be done gets done. The family will be offering a generous yearly salary between $850-$900+/week based on experience along with paid vacation and paid holidays! They also provide a vehicle for you to use during working hours!

This family is hoping to hire a nanny who is ideally a college graduate who is interested in a long-term nanny position. They viewed the nanny as a member of their family and they want to have consistency with someone who will enjoy their three boys and can be organized enough to keep track of their multiple schedules and activities each week. They value the nanny tremendously and went to establish a relationship with her.

The family does have an inground swimming pool in the backyard so it is necessary that the nanny is able to swim and they also have two dogs and one cat that require minimal care. The dogs are small little guys. The family does have a fenced in backyard so there really isn't much required beyond letting them in and out throughout the day.

Employment Type: Full time
Salary: $900+ per week
License Required: Valid Driver's license
Certification Required: CPR
Experience Required: Minimum 3-5 years
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