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Below are just a few of the nannies we now have available. Please contact us to learn more about each individual nanny available.

CH, ASAP, Professional nanny, Min. salary $650+
  We have known Carolyn since the early 1990's. She is a true professional career nanny who has stayed in touch with all of her past employers and even visits them in her spare time and they are happy to see her. Although she is equally capable at all ages, she personally loves having an infant or multiple infants on board when she starts a job as she looks to stay with a family for several years.
KW, start end August, $400-450
  Kelsey is 19 with the applicant quality of a nanny in her mid 20's and up. She has a summer nanny job lined up and is looking to firm up a full time permanent nanny job after that. Kelsey's application is well beyond the norm in quality and quite frankly, she is likely to be hired by the first family that speaks with her. She also is multi talented, plays the piano, dances and plays just about every sport one can think of. She is one of a kind and quite the catch at the salary quoted.
KV, $900-1000, ASAP, BA, Professional
  Katie is coming off of job of six years in Bergen County, NJ and seeking a job with the potential to stay for several years as well. She is a truly professional nanny in her late 30's with talents and interests ranging from photography, to travel, to sports and the arts. Her application leaves no stone unturned. Katie is so focused on child care, that she often fills her spare time up with child care jobs with other families in her off time. If you have the financial wherewithall to afford Karen, look no further.
MKP, ASAP, Professional, $TOP VALUE,
  If you could find a person willing to take $500-600 for a job with experience that makes her worth $800+ wouldn't that be nice. Well, here she is. We placed Mary Kay with a family in 2003 where she did a great job. Since 2006, she has been away from full time work as a nanny and has opened herself up to a family at a great value salary so that she can quickly return to the field. Mary Kay also has four years of other full time experience plus misc child care and long time babysitting experience. If you would like to benefit from her decision, make sure to call us quickly.
RK, ASAP, $500+ BA, Experienced
  Rhupa is of Indian descent and speaks both Spanish and Hindi as well as perfect English and she is all American born and bred. She has a wide range of child care experience ranging from day care to nanny and a variety of interests from computers to fitness to travel to outdoor activities. Her BA is in business but she has decided to change to a focus in healthcare and will be taking additional courses on line or during the day if she works with school aged children. Rhupa is located in the Fairfield Cty area of CT making it possible to interview her in person for families in CT, NY and NJ. Don't delay if you like the profile, people like her in their late 20's do not come along every day.
JG, Professional, ASAP, $800+
  We last placed Janeen in the home of a family court judge where she worked from 2003 to late 2008. We have known and worked with Janeen since the late 1990's. Janeen is located in NJ and has her own home. She is open to a full time live out job or a five day live in where she would return to her home of her off days. This is a truly refreshing alternative to the illegal alien types who usually take such jobs and for the family interested in such a setting is a rare find.
KD, **BA, experienced, ASAP local in CT
  Our first reaction when we read Katie's application was WOW !! we sure don't see this every day. Her application is comprehensive, detailed, even exciting. Katie holds a BA in English Lit and Film Studies, plays the guitar, is a great organizer, has full time nanny experience, a great personality and is highly selective in what family positions she will accept. She has already turned down two jobs that many families would jump through hoops to get. She is seeking a family, with their feet firmly planted on the ground, seeking a first class nanny and able to offer a good salary and living arrangements in return for the quality she can offer. The family should be well focused on the job description and know what it is they are looking for. If you have all that and wish to be referred to Katie, give us call without delay.
KH, 59, ASAP, $650
  Don't think of Kelly as old, she can probably outperform 90% of nanny employers and keep going long after they have tired. Kelly is in great shape, hikes, bikes, swims, works with animals, loves all sports,speaks Spanish (some) and is a professional nanny member of the INA. She has also taught in pre schools. Kelly strongly prefers children 2 and up so she can be highly active with them.
KT, 20, ASAP, $375
  Kim is entry level but has lots of personality and pluses. She is athletic, has been away from home (at college) us a hard worker and has worked as ababysitter and in a day care environment. While she may return to school in the long run, she is now seeking to be a nanny for 1-3 years. If one needs an entry level nanny, she certainly is a good one.
SR, 49, ASAP, $500
  Sharon is a find, Mature, Oodles of experience running her own day care for years, references that can't stop telling us how wonderful she is and relationships with kids she cared for that last for years and years. Flexible and open warm, compssionate, understanding and generous to a fault, Sharon offers a family the opportunity to have a nanny with them for ten years in the right situation.
KB,,21, ASAP, $400
  Karla has been a nanny for one child aged four weeks to one year old. Nevertheless, she is not as money oriented as some, and is willing to start a job at $400 per week to show a family what she can do. She is quiet (at first) opens up when she gets to know you. Karla's long term goal is to work as a midwife. That will take some time and money so she is likely to be a nanny to save up for that goal for the forseeable future.
EK, 22, ASAP, $450 or more
  Liz is a rare find, being local to the NJ/NY/CT metropolitan area. She strongly prefers a job in Bergen County, NJ, or Rockland and Westchester in NY. Kim was a member of her local ambulance corps, loves to golf, fish, visit zoos with children, draw, paint etc. Lots of skills to entertain children and a love asset for the safety and well being of the kids. She is very professional in demeanor. Kim also has some college. Although she has never been a nanny, she has worked with children in various capacities from infancy to sixth grade.
MAO, 26, ASAP, $600 and up
  Mary Ann has multiples experience, is athletic, has a BA is in great shape, an outgoing personality and has worked with all ages to 13. She has been a f/t nanny, a p/t nanny, is a certified lifeguard, loves pets and has references that are outstanding. Check her out, you will not go any farther.
CS, 20, ASAP, $400
  Charnita is a first class entry level nanny with the vast majority of her experience accumulated in her exteneded family. She also has excellent experience with an autistic child so if that is your need, she presents a real asset in an entry level applicant. She loves to skate, bowl, play pool and enjoys parks and the theatre. You will like what you hear when you speak with her.
RS, 43, ASAP, $550
  Renu is a native of Nepal, and presents a unique situation. Although married, she (and her husband) are fine with her being a nanny away from home for long periods of time. Her two kids have "graduated" from home and this is an ideal time for her to do again what she enjoys most and is real good at and that is full time child care. Renu has been on her last job at a day care for six years and would like to find a nanny job which can last for the next few years. Most of her funds will be going to save for the future for her and her husband. Renu is from upstate NY.
WS, 31,ASAP, $600
  Wendy is located in an area which makes her easy to interview in person for clients in North Jersey, and NY. In addition to her experience as a live in nanny, Wendy has two years of culinary experience which is a super plus - She is a certified lifeguard, hopes to attend design school on weekends (very artistic) and has a long list of talents and skills she offers. Can she make a child's day interesting and productive, you bet!

Please contact us to learn more about each individual nanny available.


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